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Liza has worked with clients from a variety backgrounds including: autism, apraxia, aphasia, stuttering, phonological disorders, social communication disorders and more. Intervention largely involves the input of parents and the child's interests.

See what some of the parents had to say regarding speech services they have received:


mother of client

Miss Liza is amazing and incredibly helpful! My 4 year old son is very picky about people he likes. But wow! My son loved her! She is one of the best speech therapists we have seen hands down. She is positive and gives us tips to try at home & my son did progress while working with her and most important She really cares, We love Liza!!


mother of client

My daughter has shown tremendous progress in the past year since she’s been seeing Liza. Liza knows the appropriate strategies to use to make sure my daughter cooperates and completes her activities. If my daughter could, she would want to see Liza every day! Since her sessions began Liza has covered a variety of goals from articulation and expressive vocabulary to social thinking and story telling. My daughter started with 2 words and has now moved to full sentences and conversation. Liza’s hours are flexible and she makes it a point to accommodate her clients. I highly recommend her to any one who needs extra support with language problems.


mother of 5-year-old client

Liza is absolutely wonderful! I’m a mom who has had experiences with other therapists and I can honestly say there is no comparison. Liza is amazing. When I first met Liza I was immediately impressed – she quickly got to know my son, was able to make him feel comfortable and make therapy fun. My son looks forward to and has a great time with Liza NEVER saying he didn't want to go. Great to work with in every way, she is sweet, compassionate, firm and very knowledgeable.  She always finds creative ways and projects to motivate my son. I strongly recommend Liza to any parent without reservation, I cannot say enough about her! She is just fabulous. She was able to gain his confidence and establish a fun, but productive, relationship.  She is encouraging, yet always professional and goal-oriented.  We’ve seen such significant improvements with our son and are so grateful for all her work.


mother of 3-year-old client

Liza is an exceptional speech therapist and we are so happy with the enormous progress my son has made in the last few months since she started working with him.  Family members and friends have all noticed the change in his speech and are so impressed with how far his expressive language and clarity has improved in such a short time.  My son looks forward to going to see her every week and is so excited when he gets home and shows me what craft they made together and what they learned. She is a wonderful person and teacher and I'm so happy that we had the chance to work with her.  I feel that she really cares about the clients and caters to the child's specific needs very well.  It was an amazing experience

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